Sugar Hazards for Your Smile

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Sometimes it seems as though everything has sugar in it, and often it does by flavoring our processed foods and acting as a preservative. The problem is sugar feeds the oral bacteria in your mouth which then attacks tooth enamel and promotes the production of plaque and tartar.

In our American diets, soda is one of the biggest bad guys when it comes to sugar (and acid) and a lot of folks drink it every day. Sucrose in the form of sugar is a major culprit in tooth decay, so soda, candy, cakes, pies and cookies are basically tooth hazards if you are consuming them regularly. Even dried fruits can damage your enamel as they are high in sugar and tend to be sticky too so they cling to enamel. But sugar is also derived from starches such as bread, chips, cereals, and pretzels, which lead to tooth decay. There is also an enzyme in saliva called amylase, which creates acids when mixed with the starches in our meals or snacks.

So when you are evaluating your sugary options, stick to fresh fruits. Fresh fruits like apples are better for your pearly whites mainly because they require chewing which stimulates your gums and saliva production, lowering oral acidity, rinsing away food particles, and lowering the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

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